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We were lucky to pick the perfect day to play Cleeve Hill. The sun was shining, shorts were the order of the day and the skies were clear.

When we checked in for our round, we were met with an extremely warm welcome and a course manager who stated “You’re gonna love it guys, as long as you don’t mind putting through sheep sh*t”.

We instantly got the charm of Cleeve Hill from the first tee. The views were incredible (and we were only at the low point of the course), you were aiming at a driving post that looked to be in the middle of a field and had sheep grazing around it. From there you are taken on a rollercoaster ride of Cleeve, up hills, through ravines, quarries, blind tee shots and approaches.

Don’t expect the manicured fairways and perfect greens of premier golf clubs, Cleeve is not about that and nor should it be. This is about more than golf. This is about having as much fun as you can over 18 holes and it does just that! You are filled with an overriding sense of happiness playing here and it’s a course that should be on every golfer’s bucket list.

The first couple of holes act as a warmup and from the 3rd you are taken uphill to really begin the ride. There are a fantastic variety of holes, but the best stretch is from 13 to home, with 13 being a fantastic Par 5 playing over a hill into an age-old fort, with views of the Cotswolds and the Mecca of Horse Racing. The back to back Par 3s on 15 and 16 are fantastic and wouldn’t look out of place on a top links course.

When sitting in the quaint clubhouse over a beer and the necessary ice cream from the bordering cafe (I recommend Blackcurrant and clotted cream and Salted Caramel) you are left with a sense of fun and happiness. It’s a course you just want to get out and play again and I can’t wait to come back.

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Date: May 30, 2021

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