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I felt Coombe Hill was an excellent golf course and a unique experience. As you approach the club house you wouldn't even know there is a golf course there, as everything is secluded away from the road and the outside world. The main outstanding feature of this course for me was the par 3's. All are very pleasing on the eye and invite a good tee shot, but all are fraught with danger. The variation in undulation is highly apparent on the par 3's, and extends itself to the rest of the course, making selecting the right club a tricky task. You get to play every club in your bag on this course, and every shape of shot if you can. Having only played once so far I would relish a return, as it is the type of place that requires local knowledge of where to miss and where to aim to get the most out of your round. SB

Date: June 02, 2014

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