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Coral Canyon is certainly one of the most convenient courses to play in St. George, being only a short drive of the freeway. Yet, the course has just never had the strongest draw to me, as it's among the few courses I've played only once in the area, even with its exceptionally great deal with the Utah PGA book. It might just be me, but this course is little more than standard for the region.

This isn't a review I'll be splitting into different 9s, as I just don't think they are terribly distinct from each other. You'll get some of the signature St. George flavor, with dramatic rises and falls on the course, but with one exception, the course just doesn't particularly stand out as memorable above the others.

Notable holes:

-5th: A downhill par 4, but with an interesting rock formation to the right. Hooks to the left have a decent chance of bouncing into the fairway, making it a surprisingly forgiving hole.

-6th: The signature hole, a short par 3 with a big green and otherwise surrounded by the natural landscape, including a small cliff to the right.

Overall, the course is fine, especially for those looking for a good challenge. But I found the course lacking in any great hooks to place it over other courses in this great region, especially when it's one of the more expensive courses to play. If you have the Utah PGA book to play its free* round promotion, then it's worth playing for that alone, especially since it can be used any time of the year. But it's otherwise difficult to recommend. With so many other great courses to play in the area, you're likely better off checking those out instead.

* Requires a $25 cart fee per player.

Date: June 04, 2021

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