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I'd like to once again review this course as I am more experienced now. After having played Valderrama which is World No.84(see my last review) I have to say that The Cornelia comes very close. Valderrama is definitely a better and tougher course when it comes to attacking the green and esp. the pin. It is a kind of a second shot course. It is also in much better condition. At the very same time the Cornelia course is built on a much better piece of land and the golfing terrain is far superior to that in V. Shaping your shots has a crucial meaning on Cornelia and this is true for any shot on the course. The greens despite being larger and generally easier to attack than those on V. have better and more pronounced contouring and much more undulation. So overall, what C. lacks is well offset by the rest of things and all in all it is almost on par with Valderrama as a perfect example of great golf terrain and course design. If only the conditioning was as good as it is at the V. the Cornelia GC would definitely take it's place in the World's Top 100. Ivan

Date: November 25, 2009

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