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The Story of Coyote Springs is a particularly tragic one. Originally called “The Chase at Coyote Springs”, it was set to be the first of many courses in a sprawling new golf community. However, like many planned golf communities in the late 2000s, its plans were derailed by the 2008 recession, and have been consistently blocked ever since, leaving Coyote Springs as the only course in the middle of nowhere. It’s a bit of a shame that the course has been (likely) doomed to loneliness, as it’s a great design from Nicklaus, likely the only reason it survived circumstances that doomed other courses like Utah’s Kokopelli. On the plus side, these circumstances ensure that it remains an unusually accessible and affordable course to the general public, so long as you don’t mind the drive.

One important note: the course is surprisingly low-tech for the price-range. There are carts, but they aren’t fitted with any GPS. Combined with the fact that the course lacks any kind of cell reception due to its isolation, an offline GPS or rangefinder is recommended for the best experience at Coyote Springs.

The course is a solid and consistent desert design. Make sure to play your appropriate tees, as this course, like most Nicklaus designs, takes no prisoners. It might not have professional-length rough, but the hazards are very prevalent and harsh, with some bunkers requiring perfect bunker play to avoid disaster. And the greens can break in very subtle ways, so overall, if you play Coyote Springs, take advantage of its free-range access and other facilities because you’re A-game will be needed to score well. Still, the stern challenge makes the good scores all the more rewarding.

Notable holes:

-5th: A moderately long par 5, it plays across three different fairways to get to the green. A particularly exciting hole to play.

-8th: A long par 3 with a very long green, avoid slicing right and land in the right part of the green, or a par will be challenging to achieve.

-14th: The toughest hole of the back 9, a good and accurate drive is needed to get a good shot at the green, and its uphill the entire way.

Its isolation, difficulty, and potentially depressing feel of a community that never was might be a turnoff for some. Nonetheless, the quality layout from one of golf’s greatest designers will make for a worthwhile round. For those whom the price might be too expensive, keep an eye out for cheap rounds through Golf Pass or the July 4th promotion. If you like or don’t mind a challenge, don’t hesitate to put Coyote Springs on your list of Vegas Courses to play.

Date: June 27, 2021

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