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Unsure what the fuss in the reviews below is about regarding the greens at Craigielaw. Sure they are built on higher ground but that just means it questions your ability to bump ‘n run it to the green rather than through the air. All holes had openings to do this through. If you missed laterally pin high then, OK you need to nip your lob wedge to get it to stop. Downwind, short sided, over a bunker, on a thin lie, sure you’re not going to get it close but that then tests your smarts. I thought the greens were great, interesting contours and strategically protected.

The course was well laid out. Having played Kilspindie in the morning (cold & windy the whole day) I saw the course and thought Kilspindie had the better of the land but possibly Craigielaw the more interesting features. I probably got that wrong. If you were going to pick out a composite course then K would get maybe 5 holes, C the rest.

An excellent opening hole that got me confidently aiming up what felt like left of the target (something I often don’t commit to when required in a howling cross breeze and float it miles away) due to the tee box angle compared to fairway.

There is also commentary below about the commercialisation of the course, the length etc. What? It plays a moderate 6600 from the tips which are unlikely to be the tee of the day. I played from the white tees that were usually set near the blue permanent marker which measures the course at 6043 yards. Sometimes they were a bit longer, so maybe 6200 all up – no matter how you look at it hardly a long course.

I was expecting to pay 59pds + trolley charge but given the weather (mind you, no rain just cold & windy) I was charged a total of 10pds. I was the only one on the course and had a great time.

I thought the contentious 10th hole up in the estate was a well framed hole providing an interesting backdrop. The old wall running throughout the course comes into play numerous times and was well used. The views were great, the greens had been sanded but ran true enough and the tee boxes and fairways were looking pretty good given growing season isn’t in full bloom yet. The gorse added colour and the rough was manageable and you are unlikely to lose too many balls if you have a wayward day.

Just like Kilspindie sneaking into 4 balls Craigielaw just earns 5 balls. Warren from Aust.

Date: April 26, 2017

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