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We played Balcomie this April on a grey morning when the wind was just starting to blow. All seemed well as we teed off the straightforward par four opening hole but as the sun came out the wind got up.On the fourth, off the yellow tees, is just 315 yards and you have to skirt the beach to get onto the fairway, but our pro who was playing with us hit driver and a career five iron and still came up short! The holes may not look that long on the card but they punchway above their weight.Some par fours we reached in one, others were out of range in two. The par threes set up on what looked like dune tops were no pushover either. But what was most memorable was the quality of this famous old track. Strangely it does not seem to figure on many tourists radar, especially the Americans.This might be seen as a blessing in some circles but they are missing a treat. This is a very fine course indeed and should be on any golfing pilgrimage to the Royal Kingdom of Fife. It is great value too1

Date: June 15, 2015

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