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I played Crowborough Beacon on Friday and had heard good things about it. In addition to this, the course ranks 76th in England so I thought it was going to be a beauty. Although I enjoyed the course and thought it was a lovely club, I am very surprised that it is top 100 in England because the condition of the course was quite poor. The tees were like rough and the fairways were poorly maintained. The greens were pretty good considering they had been sanded as they still rolled quite well. There were some great holes which I thought were really good for example the 4th hole was a lovely downhill par 4 with heather down the left and a lovely view of Sussex. And the par 5 14th was a beautiful downhill hole with the heather separating the fairway and making it look stunning. The club is very nice with a small number of playing members (around 300) making it a friendly club with members getting to know almost everyone. I think the course has great potential but with the way it was conditioned it should not be top 100, however I still enjoyed the day out as it was a fun and challenging course with some real picturesque holes.

Date: April 14, 2019

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