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Truly one of the best. Lucky enough to play it this April and have been invited back again in October which I can't wait for. Really looking forward to the 2nd time as the 1st time was just a surreal blur! Coming from Australia where we are lucky to have heaps of Alister MacKenzie brilliance, getting the chance to experience Cypress Point was amazing. The Par 5 5th is one of the best strucutred holes I've played and 8&9 are two of the best short par 4s in the World. Truly strategic. 13 back into the ocean is one of my favourite second shots of all time and then once you walk off 14 and cross the road to the private part of the course it is like entering Disneyland, starting with a classic short Par 3. A ripping hole indeed. 16 is the only problem - too hard for most golfers. MacKenzie didn't want to build it as I understand but Marion made him - it's entertaining none the less. There are far better long Par 3s out there but none with that view :). 17 is then just pure gold. The tee box, the tee shot, the strategy, the walk, the second shot in over the Cyrpess trees (or around if you hit a good drive....). Awesome.And as for the golf course being described as the best 17 holes ever built that is wrong. Completely wrong. 18 is awesome. It makes you 'have' to hit two good shots to have a go at par - and they are the hardest two shots to play - straight ones.A very very fun day.

Date: September 28, 2012

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