Cypresswood (Tradition) - Texas - USA

Cypresswood Golf Club,
21602 Cypresswood Drive,
Texas (TX) 77373,

  • +1 281 821 6300

  • Jonathan Roberson

  • Keith Foster

  • Tirrel Baymon

The Cypresswood Golf Club is a 36-hole public-access facility north of Houston, featuring two of Keith Foster’s earliest original designs. The Cypress course is hailed as the stronger of the two, having won “Best New Design” from Golf Digest during 1988.

The course takes a traditional approach to routing, often used by Donald Ross, Stanley Thompson and others: Foster loops the opening nine around the perimeter of the property, and then works the closing nine in between that loop. At Cypresswood, that means holes No. 2 through 6 travel alongside Spring Creek, which serves as a boundary on the south and east ends of the property. A tree line keeps players’ balls away from that body, however (while also preventing erosion).

There are, somewhat ironically, more water hazards on the back end that will legitimately mess with players, as a series of inland ponds dot the land for irrigation purposes.

In another nod to tradition, Foster links the Nos. 7 and 12 greens; those who hit too far left on either hole may end up in a set of bunkers that are also shared by the holes.

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Description: Designed by Keith Foster, the Tradition at Cypresswood Golf Club is the longer and tougher of the two 18-hole courses at a fabulous 36-hole public golf facility located within the wooded landscape of north Houston. Rating: 5.5 out of 10 Reviews: 2
Colin Braithwaite

Cypresswood Tradition is the star attraction at the Spring, TX 36 hole complex. The first hole is stout from the tips at 463 yards. Favor the left side to take the fairway bunker out of play. The 2nd leans a bit to the right. Favor the right side to take the left fairway bunker out of play. There are three staggered fairway bunkers right starting about 115 yards out. The 3rd is a long par three with bunkers front left and right. The fourth is a long par four and is the number one handicap hole. Not sure I agree with that, water does come in on the right side but it is inside 100 yards. The 5th is a 600+ yard par five dogleg right. Both sides are wooded and there is a solitary fairway bunker on the right side about 120 yards out. The 6th feels like a reprieve, wooded both sides but a much more manageable length. The fairway bunkers left are about 115 yards out. The 7th is a more moderate par five and is the most reachable. There are five fairway bunkers scattered about, not to mention a few random trees tightening the fairway. The 8th is a forgettable par three and nine is not. A long par four that bends left, it has a bunker on the outside elbow about 200 yards out. There is also a creek diving across the fairway in front of the green.

The back starts with a par four that tilts right. There are three staggered bunkers on the left side starting about 150 yards out and three more in front of the green. The 11th is the longest par three and I barely got there with my driver. The 12th is a par five that bends right and is wooded on that side. There are five scattered fairway bunkers and one large greenside front left. The 13th is a long par four with one of the most expansive fairways. The 14th is the last par three. It is mid-length with a waste area carry. Hopefully, you will be playing from the correct tees. The 15th has a forced carry where clear is about 160 yards to the green. The 16th is a monster par four at 472 yards, broad fairway with woods right and left. The 17th is a fun hole and the shortest par four. A water hazard runs down the right side and the first fairway bunker is about 120 yards out. There are also three cross bunkers on a diagonal starting about 80 yards out. While it is tempting to go for it, consider laying up, as the margin for error is pretty tight. The 18th is a par five that tilts a wee bit left. The left bunker complex starts about 300 yards from the green so be right of that. The fairway also runs out approximately 140 yards from the green as a stream cuts across the hole. There is a cross bunker about 90 yards out and a water hazard left that also starts at about 90 yards out. Overall, this hole is fraught with danger. I almost forgot the three greenside bunkers and the other water hazard long. A good finishing hole.

Good not great. I would not pay to play it again.

May 17, 2021
5 / 10
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Ethan Fisher

This is a very interesting facility, first and foremost. Driving into the parking lot, it looks like a goat track with a bumpy, basic parking lot, and a pro shop operating out of a trailer, something that I believe had to do with damage from Hurricane Harvey. You take your golf cart down a street for about a half-mile, wondering if you're going to a golf course or haunted house, and then all of the sudden Tradition pops out in front of you. Immediately upon seeing it you can tell it's a good golf course and it does not disappoint. All the Par 5s here are outstanding. Excellent risk-reward holes that require thoughtful shot placement from tee to green. The 12th is my favorite among those longer holes. There are also some real gems of short Par 4s, being the 6th and 17th. The 6th has a great green complex and a bunker short/right that is extremely intimidating and makes the angle you choose off the tee an imperative decision. The 17th has a cluster of bunkers and a water hazard to the right which leads to a good four or five ways to play that hole. All in all, this is a real hidden gem of a golf course. You can't judge the book by its cover here.

August 17, 2018
6 / 10
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