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Da Nang Dunes was a very cool experience but I wouldn't say it was a phenomenal golf course. I played it the week after Christmas and it was very crowded, particularly with Korean golfers and also local members. The golf course is very well situated between Da Nang and Hoi An and gets a lot of tourist traffic. As prices go, I didn't think it was a horrible deal as it cost me like $225 but I also had a caddie and cart as well as rental sticks, a glove, and a shirt. I don't like to ride and while I love a caddie at a top course, these caddies were extremely nice but couldn't really give me any information as to my reads or my club selection.

In terms of the golf course, they have 3 9s, the A and B being the original 18 hole Greg Norman design, while the C course is a Jack Nicklaus bulkhead 9. I played the B and C, and really enjoyed it, but the B was definitely superior. I strongly recommend that if you play Da Nang you ask for the A and B as I heard the A course has some really nice dunes and back to back par 5s, which I always appreciate. The C course is fun, but felt very targety and gimmicky and was a lot easier than the front if you keep the ball away from the water. Now, when I was there, there were tons of people playing, so much so that I believe they're going to expand Nicklaus's 9 into an 18 and have 36 holes, to me far preferable to 27 as the 18s each feel coherent.

In terms of golf holes, the 10th or 1st on B course was a really nice par 5 through the dunes that ate me up for my first hole. This 9 was really exciting with two par 5s in the first 3 holes, and then the 13th (hardest hole on the course) this uphill par 4 to a well-protected green. Then there are two drivable par 4s, followed by the signature 16, the hole that goes out to the ocean. 16 is a short par 3, probably a wedge or 9 iron for most golfers, and can be a birdie hole. It isn't a great golf hole, but its ocean views and its bunker from the Vietnam War are spectacular. I found the 18th to be a really cool par 4 with a dogleg left at the end. The C course was fun but all the holes blended together, and while all the par 4s are short, and there are 3 par 5s and par 3s so chances to stroke.

Overall, it was my first time golfing in Asia so maybe the whole experience inflates my score, but if you're in the area it's worth a look. Just remember that it's not the best value, and that you must ask to play the A and B courses.

Date: January 01, 2020

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