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A quote that I usually like to go by is that any course with forest in its name is usually a good course and although i’m sure someone can prove me wrong with this, Delamere forest is nothing short of exceptional! I was not expecting a lot from this course and from the photos I was quite surprised by its ranking, but having played it now i’m surprised how it’s not higher. As soon as we got through the gates and the course was in view, I could tell it was fantastic and manicured to perfection. The design itself is fantastic and many of the views you get are awesome. The fairways are well maintained and the bunkers are well laid out. The only negative I would say is that the greens were quite slow, however they still rolled very well.

One thing which I loved about Delamere Forest was the rough as it really added character to the course, however it was so long that anything in the rough was practically dead! Right from the start you’re met with a long par 4 which measures nearly 500 yards off the blues and me being me, I decided to play off the tips (which i suffered from very much). However after that you’re met with a par 5 which is the same length. The 2nd hole is beautifully designed with the green just in front of a large cluster of trees adding plenty of character to the hole. The 6th hole is a beautiful par 3 played from an elevated tee and possibly one of my favourites. The back nine was definitely my favourite of the 2 nines with every hole being a standout hole. Holes 14 and 15 were particularly strong as tactics were required off the tee with a tight fairway to hit and the 2nd shot going into the green with the forest in the background.

I really loved my round at Delamere forest as it was definitely a challenging course and one that you didn’t simply knock driver off every hole. When we had a chat with the club professional there he told me that an American had played the course earlier on in the year and compared it to Shinnecock. Obviously it’s not quite the standard of the Legendary Shinnecock Hills but it truly was a great course and I will definitely look to return there in the future hopefully when the rough is a bit more forgiving!

Date: August 02, 2019

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