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Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club is located in hilly cost of eastern Andalusia about 100 km from Almeria and Cartagena. Actually to reach this place is not so easy if you drive first time by car. Navigation shows the shortest way through narrow local roads and it could be a challange to find the right one. Second time much more easier. Concerning location and distance from main coast cities it is not very attractive place for choosing to visit play golf if you stay at the middle of Andalusia or Murcia regions, but really worth to try. First of all, it is a different experience compared with other golf courses in the region. The Indiana golf course is Europe´s first ever Arizona style desert golf course, designed by Peter Aloysius McEvoy - a leading British amateur golfer for many years, golf course designer, golf administrator, and golf writer. He has worked on numerous courses around the world, including Fota Island Golf Course, Coollattin Golf Club, Rathsallagh GC & CC, Woodbrook Golf Club and other. I would say which is more of an experience than a round of golf and each time you could choose a different strategy and have a different score on each hole of the course, which is still tough and interesting. I found here a very pleasant staff, cozy clubhouse and comfort practice area. I really enjoyed the surroundings of each hole where everyone has their own name.

I played here in the middle of February 2022. The fields were of good enough quality, although in some places there seems to be a lack of maintenance (perhaps this is due to the very dry period). The fields are challenging and suitable for players of higher levels. A lot depends on weather conditions, wind strength and direction. Greens were quite good, not very quick, dry.

From the first hole (par5 with the name „Cactus Point“) the game began to get more and more interesting. Second one par3 „Gulch“ is a challenging hole requires a lot of accuracy from tee to reach the green in the right place. Bogey is not bad here. The next par5 „Crazy Horse“ was also not as easy as it seems from the tee. Huge bunkers around the green well collecting approach shots and green is wavy with unpredictable slopes could make your score not very attractive. Also my favorite holes are 6th („The Gambler“, short „risk-award“ par4) and 9th (short par5 „Hacienda“ with possibility to reach the green with two from tee) from the front nine. Back nine takes no less of a challenge with long par4 „Bones“ and great par 5 hole No. 13 „Oh Mama“. Next one par3 „Tiburon“ requires an accuracy shot through the water. Very spectacular hole for eyes with beautiful surrounding views. Interesting and challenging 16th „Red Rock“ and the last par4 hole „Last Chance“ where you must carefully choose the line for the first shot from tee and avoid the left side with approach shot. Actually we played in windy conditions and had much more challenges than in normal, but I‘m sure in normal conditions the scores could depend on your level of risk or play safety. I think it is attractive and valuable to play here - value for money I found pretty good.

Every golf course rating is always a subject with a lot of subjectivitie‘s, depending on various criteria. I always rating by the following criteria: course complexity or challenging, fields condition (especially greens & fairways), service (only what you can get: buggy, clubs rent service, condition of clubs, the amount of choice and etc. except staff and other subjective things that depends on your or staff mood), surrounding views or pleasure to the eyes and definitely value for the price. All criteria will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. Concerning The Indiana golf course golf course my personal opinion is follow:

1. Challenging – 4*+

2. Condition – 3,5*

3. Service – 4*

4. Surroundings - 4*

5. Value for the price – 4*+

Definitely I‘d like to go back here a.s.a.p.

Date: April 24, 2022

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