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What was once the best 18 hole grass course in the country has sadly turned into the worst. Dirab has suffered majorly from a severe lack of maintenance in the last few years and is slowly turning into a desert course. Which is a pity as the layout is excellent.

Having a lot of mature trees it is a course that makes you feel like you are back in Europe playing. Going into the trees is punishing and you will deservedly lose a shot as the only way out is to hack out. The fairways are tight and you need to be straight and accurate to get a good score on the course.

Some of the holes can be made shorter with some brave shots, but in general you will find the safe option is the best option. The par 5 13th hole has a huge green and depending on where the pin is it could mean the difference between 4 clubs!

If the maintenance on Dirab was resolved this could once again become a great course, until it does I’m afraid it stays well below the other courses in the country.

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Date: November 17, 2019

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