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What the "Top 100 Golf Courses" has already written in their summary review about Dooks is worth repeating and expanding upon. Yes, Dooks is probably one of the most wonderfully natural links golf courses in the world, certainly in Ireland -- the play is warm, fun, easy-going and enjoyable, like spending company with an old friend you haven't seen in years. Yes, it's a beautiful place for golf, too -- not only the course itself (the land, the hole designs, the routing, recent redesigns, etc) -- but the views across Dingle Bay to the towns, fields, shores and mountains on the other side are simply breathtaking and heavenly. And yes, even the Dooks logo and mascot (a natterjack toad) are unique and memorable -- enough, that after a friendly and sincere greeting from the staff upon arrival, a round that balances the challenging with the manageable (a great course for match play, too, by the way), and a cold pint with a delicious meal in their warm clubhouse restaurant after the round -- I bought a LOT of trinkets in the pro shop, wanting to remember the amazing day for a long, long time to come. In summary, Dooks is twice the experience for half the price -- compared to most of the tracks in southwest/west Ireland. If we have the privilege and pleasure of returning to Ireland someday, Dooks will be the first reservation we make. Don D

Date: December 18, 2017

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