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I must say that Dukes seems to divide opinions. Some put in the absolute top of their Fife Experience and some, including me, in the lower region. I just put in a review on Ladybank since I felt it seemed unfair (to me) that it has lost ground in the rankings. And one of the courses that in the same time has been raising is Dukes. On the positive side you have to put the bunkering. It is great to look at and many times they are positioned in the right place. But take them away and you have a qiute dull course. Sure - there is a couple of great holes but i felt like several holes were to much alike. Like playing the same hole over and over. So it´s good thing that the bunkering makes the course look visually appealing. I was really looking forward to this course during our trip but it got the same feeling as Castle Course or the Stadium Course at Glenegales .. A bit to fabricated, very good looking but not a whole lot of funny to hang around with. So the old Lady Ladybank may have it´s downsides, but it feels real. Guess I should quit playing the new "BIG" courses and stay on the Links and one or 2 rounds at courses like Ladybank :-)

Date: July 13, 2016

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