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The opening 2 holes at Dunbar are like queuing on the street waiting to get into a favourite pub. Not that much to see from outside, yet you stand in line. Hole 3 sees the queue reach the doorway and you get a glimpse of what’s inside. You catch a girl’s eye. No wait, she was looking at someone else. Are you starting to get cold? Then hole 4 finally sees you inside.

You now have a fine old time drinking it all in for the following 2.5 hours (albeit wondering when a round at your local became so expensive). Your old elemental mates Earth, Air, & Water are here. Fire seems to be running late. There’s decent beer, and even an old Jukebox. Work is a faded memory. Choosing this bar is like many others you could have dun, but it has what you need. Time flies and you have some nice stories to tell/secrets to keep. You then reach the back 9 of the evening and things really get going. The pulse quickens as Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys starts up.

But just when you think you’re playing your cards right with that girl who in fact was looking at you after all, the tee box of the 18th hole signals closing time and this bouncer unceremoniously tosses you out onto the street. Not the way you wanted the night to end, but you’ve had worse evenings and you’ll do it all again. Off to the 19th hole then to find a kebab. If you’re ever near Dunbar, you should definitely pop into for a pint or two

Date: May 08, 2020

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