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According to the club's history 14000 trees were planted during construction on a site that needed perhaps a handful. While the course doesn't feel completely tree-lined, it actually is and there are issues with playing angles in several spots. Thankfully it does not spoil the experience, because everything takes a back seat to the spectacular terrain. The photo shows the landing zone for the drive on hole 5. Dusseldorfer Golf Course - Photo by reviewer This shortish par 4 with alternate fairways is genius. Going down the right side means flirting with the pond - the tongue of fairway behind the pond is where good tee shots will be directed by the slope. The angle into the green is best from there. Going down the left side is safer, but one of those 14000 is over there.

When it's good, then Düsseldorfer is very good. But when it's bad... the last two holes are shocking. The 17th is a par 3 that is grown in to the point, where the green bunkers are obscured. And the 18th is the king of connector holes, a veritable death march par 4 with a juicy uphill struggle to even get to the tee.

Düsseldorfer is still a high quality affair and certainly worth playing, but they need to do something about their unlined bunkers. Every couple of years a heavy rain event washes them out, which must tie up a considerable part of their maintenance budget. Once they get that sorted, perhaps they can invest in sand like their more famous neighbor and aspire to similar standards. Right now they're flying a bit under the radar, but perhaps that is how the members like it. (UM)

Date: August 29, 2018

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