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Eaton golf course is quite the oasis within suburban Norwich. It’s not a massive parcel of land - so can feel hemmed in at times - but is nevertheless a pleasant routing with surprising elevation changes. It’s not long, but provides a test due to tight driving lines on several tee shots. Oddly, when we signed in to start our last round here, we were certain the assistant pro pointed us to the 7th tee, rather than the 1st.

Favourite holes would include #2 & #7, both decent one-shotters of varying length. The deja-vu second shots on uphill Par 4’s at #6 & #17 are other highlights, and the sweeping drives/vistas at #3 & #17 are also enjoyable moments. The assistant pro suggested we’d enjoy holes #1 & #18 the best, a view also shared by one-time member Ben Hogan, but we felt they were less interesting.

Having played all of the inland courses around Eaton Golf Course - Photo by reviewer Norwich, Eaton is my favourite. It was always just ahead of the now defunct Weston Park. The one caveat is that I have yet to see the new Royal Norwich - but Eaton was superior to their previous iteration. It has a nice settled feeling and is comfortable in its own skin, something you tend to get when a course is 100+ years old. The assistant pro firmly stated it to be the best course in the East of England and at least 475 years old.

If I were to suggest improvements, I’d remove a few trees to maximize the width on offer, and renovate the bunkers to make them more visually intimidating. Not sure if any work has been undertaken since my last visit. The assistant pro had earlier stated the course to be perfect as it is and more highly regarded than The Old Course (whilst giving us incorrect opening times for the catering).

I do wonder what the future holds here if nearby clubs like Royal Norwich sell up from their prime locations and move elsewhere. Hopefully Eaton stays where it is for another 100+ years. Although the assistant pro did mention in passing that he held shares in both Barratt homes & Tesco. It is definitely worth your time if in the area - I always look forward to my next quiet & testing round here.

Footnote: Eaton GC actually has a lot to answer for, as it was here 15 years ago that a distracted assistant pro gave me my first lessons. In completely failing to produce a solid right-handed swing for this left-handed golfer, a pestilence was unleashed upon the golf world. If only he had some lefty clubs lying around. I had planned to become the next Arnold Palmer but have been more mocktail than cocktail ever since. Despite this, I do have a fondness for the place. Mentioning this in the interest of full disclosure - although I’m certain no trace of bias has crept into the above text to negatively represent my view of a course that is befitting of such a fine city

Date: February 25, 2020

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