Eindhovensche - Netherlands

Eindhovensche Golf Club,
Eindhovenseweg 300,
5553 VB Valkenswaard,

  • +31 (0) 40 201 48 16

  • T.S. Aghina

  • Harry Colt

  • Gerry Jeurissen

Eindhovensche Golf Club was inaugurated in 1930 and the great Harry S. Colt routed the course through a dense forest a few kilometres to the south of Eindhoven.

The club was the brainchild of a certain Dr. Philips who was the brother of the founder of the Philips Electrical Company. Eindhoven has more than the forest as a hazard with plenty of water in the shape of streams and ponds and enough strategically placed bunkers. In many ways, Eindhoven is reminiscent of Surrey’s heath and heather courses, which is high praise indeed.

Holes are laid out in two huge clockwise loops that each return to the clubhouse – and what a charming building it is. With its thatched roof, it is one of the most picturesque clubhouses in European golf.

Host to many top championships, including six Dutch Opens between 1947 and 1970 and, more recently, the Dutch Ladies Open (2006-2009), Eindhovensche is a course for the connoisseur.

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Description: Eindhovensche Golf Club was inaugurated in 1930 and the great Harry S. Colt routed the course through a dense forest a few kilometres to the south of Eindhoven. Rating: 5 out of 6 Reviews: 5

Third stop of the Amsterdam Iron Man Quest, 6am wake up call and 1hr drive for the first of 2 rounds of the "Harry Colt Day". We teed off just before 8am with a Member and the course was just for us. This big guy, almost 2 metres tall and long hitter could send the ball miles away. Third match against DD, 1 win and 1 draw at the moment, the local guy was getting fitter and better!

I would say this course is a mix, not a total Eindhovensche Golf Course - Photo by reviewer heathland course not a parkland one, but with some features of each.

Again, great weather, almost no wind, sunny and not cold, couldn´t have been luckier. Greens not fast but at least true, not in great shape, but again coming from so many days in fast ones was a problem I was not able to solve.

Let's go to the golf course, not as great as Utrechtse, but a world class design by Harry Colt. Played it from the very back, almost 7000yds, another great challenge I want to face again in better personal conditions. Bunkers were a little bit untidy, with heavier sand than Noordwikjse and Lage Vuursche.

1st is a dogleg right, plays longer than what it shows. Then 2nd in my opinion is one of the great ones, short reachable 4 where a narrow miss is bogey. 3rd a long great 3, one of the best pictures of the course.

After a not to special par 5 4th, first great hole comes: par 4 5th, perfectly well placed bunkers to a very short and tough approach, small green where there is trouble in all directions. 7th might be the most challenging on the course, not only because of the length but again how tough it is to judge distance to the green. Then 8th gives you a sort of break, but the green is very sloped so if in the wrong side 2 putts will be better than Eindhovensche Golf Course - Photo by reviewer most! Front 9 finish with a reachable par 5 (if you hit the fairway!).

10th used to be a par 5, now a very big par 4. 11th a sort of redan design par 3. 12th has 2 different angled tees, they got back to original Colt and is one great golf hole.

I hated 15th, if you are not in the exact spot you have a mandatory lay up and I believe this par 5 should give you a wider chance to be played.

17th the other par 5 has a big challenge for the second shot if you go for it as a lake mades the fairway super narrow. And 18th is a great finisher, where local DD stuck a hybrid to 1ft to tie the match.

The Club House is under restoration work so there is a provisional one in the Driving Range which could perfectly well for many golf courses in the world!

Another great experience, another surprise and another reason to think in coming back.

4 / 6
June 15, 2018

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Sometimes even in your home country you forget to visit some of the excellent local courses for a number of years. Eindhovensche Golf Club is a classic understated Harry Colt gem located in the South of Eindhovensche Golf Course - Photo by reviewer The Netherlands. It had been about 4 years since my last game here. What a mistake that was.

The club has been really busy following through on a long term maintenance strategy plan that has them removing many trees to reclaim the lost width, open up vistas and improve turf and greens. They have also changed the watering procedures in order to improve the turf and firm everything up. I for one commend them on moving in the right direction. Are they there yet? Not quite but it’s already a huge improvement. Hundreds more trees need to Eindhovensche Golf Course - Photo by reviewer be removed to bring this landscape back to the way it originally was closing in on 100 years ago.

I believe the members can already see the improvements and that this process is contributing to the fun and playability of the course. I’m hoping this will encourage them to continue with the current path and get everything out of the course that they can – firm and fast with plenty of width and open vistas and restoration of heather growth. There is an amazing course waiting to be revealed.

Great work by all involved so far.

5 / 6
February 26, 2018

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To say I’m shocked to be only the third person in ten years to review this course (and the first since 2011) is a gross understatement – how can it be possible that not a single golfer in the last six years hasn’t felt sufficiently motivated to let others know how just good this place is?

Having played the day before at Utrecht de Pan and been suitably impressed, I wasn’t expecting the course at Eindhoven to run it so close in terms of architectural quality. In my rough notes created whilst playing, I’d given top marks to ten holes at de Pan and Eindhoven finished with only one less, on nine.

Eindhovensche Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

I know direct comparison against other courses is frowned upon but if De Pan is currently regarded as the best inland course in The Netherlands then it stands to reason that close competitors such as Eindhoven should be matched against it to see how closely they resemble the gold standard.

It’s all about the terrain, of course. Eindhoven is set inside a beautiful wooded property, with fairways undulating through the trees in two returning loops of nine and heather fringing many of the bunkers in a wonderful heathland setting.

The short par four 2nd and 5th are absolute gems; the first of these holes is played to a green that slopes significantly from back to front whilst a more aerial approach can be employed to access the elevated green on the second hole.

The par three 3rd is another terrific hole – the slightly downhill tee shot needs to carry a large expanse of heather between the tee box and green – and the front nine ends in fine style in front of the clubhouse, where the rectangular-shaped 9th green tilts at a lovely angle from back right to front left.

Eindhovensche Golf Course - Photo by reviewer

On the back nine, the tee on the 12th hole is to be repositioned, which will bring it back to where it was set originally, and this will vastly improve was is already a decent par four. The 13th hole that follows is a tough one, with broken ground 75 yards out from the green helping to obscure the target.

The par five 17th is a little out of line with what has gone before as it’s rather flat and has more of a parkland feel to it but the story goes it was used as a runway during World War II and it’s since had a couple of large mounds added, along with a pond (that probably provided the fill for the mounds) sitting to the front left of the green.

Whether that tale is true or not doesn’t really matter because it’s still a good hole as it stands nowadays, preceding the 18th which starts out towards the clubhouse from a raised tee position. Like the 9th green, the left to right sloping putting surface of the home green is shaped very pleasingly as a large, old-fashioned rectangle.

The club has an ongoing program of course improvements which is keeping it true to Colt’s original design intentions and the clubhouse is undergoing a major refurbishment next year. Hopefully, they’ll manage to retain the same informal atmosphere inside the refurbished building, with guests warmly welcomed like life members. Do yourself a big favour and see what Eindhoven’s like both on and off the course, I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

Jim McCann

6 / 6
June 24, 2017

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Beautiful course! Too bad I played it february 26th, with the greens being taken care of, but it obviously is a great course that requires shot-making and little mistakes. I still prefer The Rosendaelsche, but that may change if I can come back this summer.
5 / 6
February 28, 2011

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I didn’t expect to find heath in that part of the Netherlands. It’s like Surrey somehow! The two loops of 9 don’t offer the hardest challenge in the world. It’s not a long course and the fairways are wide enough for the big hitters. It is nonetheless a very pleasant course with tricky greens. Not really any very memorable hole but no poor one either. The place oozes quality from the club house to the 18th green. And the board members I met were the most friendly you can ever meet. No resting on laurels there as modifications are constantly made on the course (new tee boxes for example) to keep up with modern standards. The club host the ladies Dutch open this year and will again next year; surely a deserved reward for the general quality of the place! Cédric
5 / 6
September 16, 2007

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May 06, 2009
Try the new back tees next time and you will reconider your statement on the lenght of the course