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January is an incredible time of the year to play golf in Dubai and it was complemented with friends old and new. A hit and giggle with friends can be replicated anywhere in the world and unfortunately this course should not replicated. I’m surprised to read that this course had bunkers inspired from Royal Melbourne and a layout from British links courses, because none of that architecture was evident when I played the course. It would be a nice start if they had intended for the aprons and green surrounds to accommodate the running shot like they do on the Sandbelt. Instead you had the greens surrounded with short rough which did not reward nor punish a player. With that being said the ground staff had the greens playing in superb condition and should be commended for their efforts on the course in maintaining this course in the most difficult of environments. The overall feeling of the Els Club was to challenge the modern day golfer and challenge they did by making some holes, like the 9th borderline impossible to play and enjoy. This is coming from someone who hit the strategically perfect drive off the tee to find no where to physically attack any pin location let alone find a conservative place to find par. I understand that this maybe a course not to my taste and for those with a thirst of punishment would enjoy, but after proceeding through “the Lions Den” it clearly highlighted the courses lack of foresight and execution. Fortunately for the resourceful nature of golf in this region, the course may be able to stay viable, even after the words of a 25 year old that no one listens to. But if the course was placed next to Royal Melbourne, it would not be able to survive for several reasons. Too expensive, too high in maintenance and not enough restraint shown to produce a quality course, that the Middle East is yearning for…

Date: September 21, 2020

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