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The Els Club is one of the best two courses in Dubai. Unlike many in the region it isn’t just target golf and it is all the better for it. Instead of soaking the fairways with as much water as possible, the course is left firm and fast in comparison to others. It also has a good variety of holes that have different options off the tee - a welcome change from more one-dimensional golf, for example at the Majlis nearby.

What makes this course, though, are the green complexes, which are raised and have run-off areas with lots of short grass around them. Combined with their firmness, it means you have to approach from the right angle, miss in the right place, and, crucially, play off the right tees for your ability. I would highly recommend erring on the side of shorter tees for this reason. A few reviews on here state the greens are unfair - for example the 9th - and this simply isn’t the case. If you are approaching with the right club, choose the right part of the green to aim for, and play a reasonable shot you’ll be fine.

Whilst the houses alongside aren’t great, this remains good, strategic golf. You are challenged mentally, as well as how well you can execute your shot and that makes for great golf. I’ve given the course 5 stars on a world basis. You come to Dubai for the weather and in world terms it isn’t the best golf, but the Els is without doubt one of the best two courses in Dubai.

Date: November 26, 2021

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