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I’m afraid this course is extremely over-rated by many and it’s great to see it has fallen down the rankings. I first played four years ago and reserved judgement until returning this week. If you’ve got 5 days or less in the UAE, skip this course.

It is worth mentioning that everything off the golf course is superb - the service and facilities are all superb - and it’s a great place to hang out before and after golf, but the course itself is the let-down. It seems to have very little, if any, strategy to it on most holes. Instead of any options of how to play it, or where to miss it, hole after hole just says “hit this shot or you’re dead”. That’s great if you only want the one-dimensional test of whether you can execute the shot but if you want thinking golf this isn’t it. There is simply no subtlety or guile to the design. There are some exceptions: the 12th is a really good long par 4 with an excellent, bunker less green. The short 17th is also a great little hole. However, both loops end with very contrived holes around water to a double green perched behind water, the backdrop to which is the stunning clubhouse. However it may have been more fitting to add a pair of large black mouse ears to the top.

If you’re after thinking golf, this isn’t it. If you just want to test how well you can execute the same shot off a flat lie time and time again, maybe save some cash and go to the Topgolf next door.

Date: November 26, 2021

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