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One of the two private courses of St. George, though getting access to play it publicly is surprisingly easy. But first the course itself. A Johnny Miller Design, it delivers some quality golf with many hallmarks to expect from the area: dramatic rises and falls throughout the course. It says something that Disney chose to film High School Musical 2 here, as it does have some true standout holes. As I played it in a shotgun round format for a UGA day, reviewing the 9s properly is tricky, but I'll do my best.

The Front 9 provides some quality holes, where careful shot placement is required on some, but others have large amounts of room for error. Also has quite a bit of water in play for many holes.

The Back 9 is pretty similar, except for the signature "Devils Triangle" trio. They deserve some great praise for how immaculately they were built into the beautiful black-rock landscape. However, they are not the kindest designs, as the player that struggles to reliably hit straight will lose many golf balls to these rocks.

Notable holes:

-9th: A great finish to the front 9, it's a downhill dog-leg right par 5. A fun way to end the 9.

-15th: The first of the Devil's Triangle, a long-hitter could conceivably drive the green. The smart play though is a middle iron to the center, then approach the green.

-16th: The second of the Devil's Triangle, and while it's technically the shortest of the par 5s on the course, the small fairways and hole length all but guarantee some lost balls for all but the best and luckiest players. A par here is well earned.

-17th: The last of the Devil's Triangle, it's a longer par 4 got a decently wide area for the drive. Still don't be surprised to lose a ball to a nasty slice or hook though.

A great course to play if you have the connections or a friend or wife to say at the Inn at Entrada with (though the latter option is very expensive). Otherwise, the layout is great but mostly not exceptional for the region. And the fact that the 3 standout holes can easily be among the course's most aggravating mean that it might not be for everyone. While I'm glad to have played it, the difficulty of playing it, both in access and course difficulty, meant it wasn't high on my priority list for replays.

However, this review comes with a big asterisk. The course is currently under renovation by David McLay Kidd of Brandon Dunes fame, who seems to understand the fundamental problems with his statements declaring a desire to offer more options on the course. How much the course changes as a result has yet to be seen, but for me it provides a decent excuse to check out the course again in the future.

Date: June 04, 2021

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