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I have to say, i was disappointed with the Devlin. The layout of the course is nice and it has potential.That part i very much enjoyed. However the condition was not equal to the green fee. The tee boxes are the worst i have ever seen, covered in clums of grass - it was like playing out of the semi rough! Also, the bunkers had a lot of stones in them and looked like they had not recieved any attention in a long time. The green keeping staff appear to be not paying too much attention to it. We played the course on a dry day after a few days of rain so understandibly the course was wet, however i couldn't belive the tyre tracks that were left in some of the fairways by the grass cutting - a wee tip, if it's wet enough to leave a footprint don't drive a small tractor over it! To sum it up, well designed, lots of potential, but for the condition of the course the green fee should be between £20 amd £30 (not £95!). Don't waste your money on it.

Date: July 03, 2007

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