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I have a bit conflicted feelings about Falsterbo.

It's the Swedish club that is the "most golf", they like their traditions here, which is definitely a big plus in my book, but that is also something which is off-putting (no pun intended) to some, especially in an equality-minded country such as ours. I even heard rumours that the club considered making the club house an English language only-zone, take that with a big pinch of salt though, it's probably the "Law of Jante" speaking.

The image some golfers have of the club isn't made less by the fact that the club is located in one of the most affluent areas in Sweden, at the very edge of the Falsterbo peninsula, something close to the Poole / Sandbanks area if you draw parallels to England. Also similar to the Poole area with their three top class courses, this area is home to three courses all within 10 minutes drive that to me all are top 25 in Sweden (Ljunghusen and Flommen the other two).

Falsterbo also have half a dozen excellent links hole that would not be out of place among the best courses on British Isles, lovely green areas with drop offs, undulations and excellent bunkers, as well as great risk and reward driving lines off the tees.

So why, with all this, do I feel that I lack something when I play here? Perhaps it's the first six holes that are not very linksy, and not very exciting. Perhaps it's that you don't get a glimpse of the sea until very far into the round, or perhaps it's because there is little vertical movement in the land. It's just that a course that is ranked this high should have something _more_.

As much as I would like to love the course, I don't, I'd rather play PGA National Links, which is a better course, or Flommen, which is a more feel good course.

However, all that said, don't hesitate to visit, I know many people love the course, and do rank it among the highest in Sweden.

Weak 5 balls.

Date: January 23, 2017

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