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Fraserburgh could well be the best golf course in Scotland in terms of quality for price. And, besides that, hole after hole, the course manages to surprise the golfer, at the same time as it poses challenges and questions to him as few other courses, specially when the ground is as firm and fast as we found it.

The atmosphere of the club is as friendly as it is unpretentious, as if they did not give enough credit to the jewel hidden behind the Fraserburgh (Corbie Hill) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer dunes on the other side of the road.

The round itself begins in a tranquil fashion, with a long, wide and flat par 4. Although some other reviewers criticize this hole, in my opinion, it is not a bad start, as you can let your nerves go with a drive to a wide target.

However, from hole 2 the story changes radically, with an uphill, complicated hole, and whose second shot, to a green hanging on the side of Corbie hill, requires an approach as well judged as executed.

From there, some of the best holes follow, such as the 3th and 4th, which raise strategic questions both from the tee and when negotiating the approach to the green.

It is difficult to highlight some holes, as it is tough to find one that is simply bland, but if I had to choose, I would say the set of short holes, each one of them demanding different type of shots and strategy.

In my modest opinion, these can compare with the set Fraserburgh (Corbie Hill) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer of par 3s of courses such as Dornoch, Baltray (Ireland) or Brora.

Also, the end of the round gives us some memorable holes, mainly in the return home: the 13th (Hillocks), in which two small promontories protect the green, the wonderful par 3 14th, played from the top of a hill, which requires a perfect judgment of the landing area of the ball to hold it on the green or, at least, near the flag, the tremendous par 5 of 15 or 17, a new and tough par 3 in which I guess it is not habitual to hold the green.

The 18th, this time yes, is a small letdown after the thrills experienced before.

On the negative side, only to comment that the greens, at the time of visiting the field, were not in an acceptable form, due, surely, to some kind of disease, as a club member told us.

Regardless of that detail, which obviously affected our round but I hope it will be solved soon, I would encourage any golfer who wants to experience different sensations to head to Fraserburgh, because he will not be disappointed.

M.M.A., Barcelona, Spain.

Date: June 28, 2018

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