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This is a extensive recap so buckle up… First off, take at least 40 minutes before the round to take advantage of the practice facility. Beautiful range, new ProV1’s, and a putting green to die for. As well as three short game greens with excellent bunkers and the capability to hit 70 yard practice shots.

What Coore and Crenshaw did with this land is simply amazing. The course is beautiful and catches your eye at almost every spot. It is also deceivingly difficult and beautiful. You feel alone as you are all alone just off the Long Island sound. Although many compliment the back as being far more superior to its counterpart, I find them quite equal. With both having challenging holes that are also well designed. Having played it three times I now feel after today that I have my grasp on the course and understand it well enough to write this review.

1 is a short starter that should usually leave you with a driver and a short iron. However, the wind was blowing consistently at 20 mph today so the first three were very tough starting holes. 2 is a beautiful downhill par 5 that takes you into the valley. 3 is a longer par 4 where 5 is an acceptable score. 4 and 12 are really the only 2 holes that you might not find as memorable as the rest. They are both pretty blatant one-shotters. Both give you plenty of options but just don't stand out like the rest.

5 is my favorite hole, a short par 4 that is difficult due to 3 pot-bunkers in the fairway as well as the green contouring. If the pin is front left you have to carry a little knob to get close(I succeeded and made 3). If the pin is on the right you have to be wary of how the green falls off into a difficult bunker that must be avoided by staying to the left. 6 is a dogleg left that has waste bunkers to avoid left of the fairway, plenty of room down the right all the way on this hole. Another hole with a green that falls off into the bunker on the left, must be avoided. 7 is the second par 5 and a beauty. Typically any easy driver, 3-wood, wedge hole if you avoid the wastelands. 8 is an uphill par three with a 2-tiered green as well as a false front. 9 is another great hole(catching on to my thoughts on this course yet?), Ridge on the left side of the fairway and a big waste bunker that must be carried to the right. Hit a ball on the right side of the ridge and you will catch a speed slot that will run your ball down to less than 130 yards from the hole. Beautiful views of the clubhouse from the tee. Another great green with a knob that you must stay short of if the pin is front right. There is a plateau on the back left side that you must be on if the pin is there otherwise 2 putting can be a challenge.

10 plays tough, really, really tough. Big mound front right and a monstrous green. It will make you think you are good with a GIR… until you 3-putt from 70 feet. 11 is the first par 5 on the back, another pot bunker in the middle of the fairway as well as two in a closely mown area right of the green. Bunkers left of the green are really tough to get up and down from. 13 is probably the longest par 4 on the course, today we had it easy with the wind at our backs. Unfortunately I found one of two pot bunkers in the middle of the fairway and was staring a bogey straight in the face. 14 is the end of the flatlands as it takes you up into the dunes. Found it similar to 7 that it is easy to get on in 3 without using the big stick. After 14, you walk on the stairway to heaven and find yourself on the 15th tee. Big downhill par 4 with the water off in the distance. Don’t get me wrong the view is beautiful, but i just don't love the hole all that much.

Walk to 16 is awesome as you overlook the sound. 16 is tougher than what meets the eye. Hit a tee ball, catch the speed slot left or go over the right hand side and cut a chunk off. However, the approach is a difficult uphill shot to a small green that runs off to the left. 4 is a good score here. 17 is a hole built right into the side of a hill. Miss it short of the front right bunkers and your in a valley. Miss it left of the left bunkers and your staring 20 ft down below to the putting surface. Short hole, but not an easy one. 18 is another decently long par 4. You can catch the speed slot on the left but there is a risk of not carrying the bunkers or pulling it OB. Right side of the fairway is the prudent play. Once you reach the top of the hill the view of 18 and the clubhouse is spectacular.

One of the best. Pot bunkers in the middle of the fairways really stood out and made this course extra challenging. I would also recommend taking a shower in the locker room before departure, it will be well worth it.

Date: July 24, 2018

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