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Ganton golf club, or Scarborough as it was once known, sits miles away from the coastline but you'd be forgiven for losing track of where you were.

I'm going to throw in the disclaimer that I played this in mid October. I try my best to imagine the course and how it's playing in the summer as it's not fair to really blast the condition of the course at this time of year. It's been a busy year with the return to golf and the course probably needs some restbite, but it's not a proper review from me without a couple of negative points!

The drive in off the main road is lovely. You get the feeling you're at a special place from the get go. Although there aren't any signs to point out, there are two holes that require shots over the road so be careful and try to not get hit before you even start!

Ganton is absolutely soaked in history. Mr Vardon himself was the professional, it's hosted every big tournament that it can and that really translates into the clubhouse. Many opportunities to see the history, whether it's the pictures of the US team winning the Ryder Cup in 1949 located in the visitor changing rooms, the replica of the same cup in the clubhouse or the countless pictures throughout the place.

The layout of ganton is good, it's a fairly straightforward course and I had no real trouble navigating my way round. I was a little disappointed with the greens however. Given the fact it is october I was prepared to let it slide but upon seeing a few reviews about the greens in the summer being very slow did have me a little disappointed. Could it be that Ganton has seen it's best days? I hope not. But a course that sits in the world top 100 and top 10 in England really needs to be doing a little more I feel.

I wouldn't really say that Ganton has any real wow holes. They are all good quality and I wouldn't really say there is a bad hole there but they have all merged into one a little for me whereas some of the other top 10 courses I could still remember every single hole a year on.

The members are very friendly here indeed, one of the better courses for that. Me as a 1 ball with a friend walking along I was let through by 4 groups. I think with the volume of visitors Ganton attracts they are used to it by now. I had mentioned to one gentleman that I was up for the Newcastle v Tottenham game and he came and found me on the next hole to give me one of his beloved Leicester City balls! Gestures like that go a long way with me and it certainly put a smile on my face.

Overall, I'm still a little undecided. I'd need to come back in the summer to make a real fair assessment, but in my mind a course that's as highly ranked as this would be in very good condition all year round and I'm not quite sure it was yesterday. Of course reviews are down to personal preference. Everyone has their way of doing things but I just think Ganton relies on it's history a little too much at the moment.

Value for money given it's status was pretty good. A world top 100 course under £100 I think is a fair deal. But currently I think there are a fair few better courses that are ranked lower.

Date: October 18, 2021

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