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Probably it is one of the best golf courses in South Africa and TOP 100 in the World. I was played in the middle of January and was very hot here, but condition of course was perfect, especially greens. They was fast and unpredictable! Fairways also was in really good condition like carpet. I had very nice experience playing with caddie. As greens was unpredictable I would did one or more putts in each greens! They scanning greens like machine. :) Also they found all my balls in the rough...definitely I would lost few without problem.

Golf field rating is always a subject with a lot of subjectivity, depending on various criteria. I always rating by the following criteria: course complexity or challenging, fields condition (especially greens & fairways), service (only what you can get: buggie, club rent, condition of clubs, the amount of choice and etc. except staff and other subjective things that depends on your or staff mood), surrounding views or pleasure to the eyes and definitely value for the price. All criteries will be rating from 1 to 5 stars. Concerning Gary Player my opinion is follow:

1. Challenging - 4*+ (trust me it was!)

2. Condition - 5*

3. Service - 4* (comment: you can't use buggie and must take caddy if don't want care clubs in +35 degree, but caddy service was great)

4. Surroundings - 5* (beautiful views around with dears and birds in fields)

5. Value for the price - 5*+ (one of the best I tied ever, less than twice you must pay in other top quality courses).

I think Gary Player must be in World TOP 100! Also it is one of top destination for each golfer.

Actually greens is the biggest challenge here for my opinion and distance at all. Greens are fast, unpredictable and with invisable slopes. Concerning surrounding maybe next one in Sun City was more impresive (Lost city golf course), but I was in middle of the summer...and was hiding from sun more than enjoyed the views :)

I will be back soon!

Date: March 05, 2019

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