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I was a member at Gillette Ridge for two years.

The 1st is a severe dogleg left with a fair landing area but missing it will be punished. The green is well protected and the hole is fairly flat.

The 2nd is a par 3 down hill slightly with a pond on the right abutting the green which is deep and bunkers on the left.

The 3rd is the one seemingly easy par 5. Slight dogleg right with bunkers left and right in the landing area and a huge slightly raised green with deep short fringe areas all around giving the appearance of a massive green but not as massive as it looks.

The 4th is a short par 4 with a pond left and short. Many will try to drive this as the tee boxes are at distances which create that possibility. A lay up to the right and a short approach to a well bunkered green should be the play.....but....

The 5th is a par 4 of relatively straight and some trees both right and left which create your line.

The 6th is an uphill par 3 with deep bunkers left in the kidney area of the green. Very challenging hole.

The 7th is a great par 4. Slightly downhill to start with a wide playing area. A waste area covers a deep area of about 125 yards from just short of the elevated well protected green.

The 8th is the last par 5 which is relatively straight with trees out on the left next to a fairway bunker. The green sits atop an old bridge crossing of a stream on a diagonal out to the right. Going over the green to the left can create a shot you have never experienced before.

The 9th is just a ridiculously tough par 4. Long. Bunkers to the left. A pond to the right which cuts in short of the green and creates a peninsula green.

The 10th hole is a challenging starter par 4 of good length. Slight dogleg right with a huge green

The 11th hole is a par 5 which seems wide open off the tee to an expanse of fairway but as you get out there you come to a green perched on the left edge of a lake which sits out and forms the dogleg right. The lake is not visible from the tee as it starts at the 300 mark and is just over mounds which hide it's appearance.

The 12th is a dogleg left with a pond out on the left and a rolling fairway on the right with bunkers. The green is set on a slight rise next to the pond with the green jutting out into it. Left, right and long are wet.

The 13th is the first par 3. It's of average length 175ish...But the green is 10 yards wide and 35 yards deep bunkers on the right and the left side rejects balls to the left into unplayable brush.

The 14th hole is a nice par 4. There is a stream in play and depending on tee box it can be 250 to 300 out and it is 25 yards across. The green is sloped severely and is only about 25 yards deep.

The 15th hole s a par 4of slight dog leg right with trees in play on the left so a narrow corridor for placement. The green flat to the hole and is bunkered well.

The 16th is a monster par 5 with wetlands right and a hillside left to start. It plays at 550ish from the middle tee box. Just short of the green is a massive pond area of near 100 yards deep. A layup is almost mandatory for even the longest hitters as the green is kidney shaped and deep and undulating.

The 17th is a par 3 of 175ish with a large green. Very slight elevated tee. brush areas left and right and commercial builings just out to the left past the green.

The 18th is a good finisher. Slight dogleg left with cavernous fairway bunkers on the left. Good length and a well protected green. The tee ball seems blind as you can only see some of the fairway as it gently slopes down to the green after you cross an upslope.

Gillette Ridge is a nice course. The toughest thing about the course is that the turf is shallow and rips easily and you will have divots unlike any you have had before. Now add that it is public and not everyone replaces their divots like they should. Your game will improve if you play here often. It is very challenging.

Date: December 31, 2020

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