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The Queen’s course at Gleneagles is an ideal complement to the King’s for they are right next to one another and played over identical terrain. I prefer the latter over the softer brush stokes of the Queen’s which does not in my view get going until the 6th tee.

After that the Queen’s is a ‘beauty’ with some incredible tee shots such as the spectacular drives at 7 8 and 18 and holes that are designed in a unique fashion and simply just work very well. Hole 10 is a great example where after a big open drive, the hole turns sharply left and down between trees requiring an approach that is struck with pinpoint accuracy to reach the sunken green.

It is however possible to score well over the latter holes if your A game has turned up on the day.

The Queen’s is not even 6000 yards from the ‘tips’, this is short by today’s standards and rewards accuracy and imagination over power. The excellently-maintained and routed course is for the golfing connoisseur to enjoy and reflects a golden age of the game when golf was looked upon more as a pastime than a sport.

Date: May 05, 2021

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