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Gog Magog is a gem of a golf course set in the heart of East Anglia, It baffles me how this hasn't made it in the top 100. I have played both courses, and every time I go It feels like a place worthy of that accolade. The old course holds the 'Lagonda' trophy every year which attracts some of the best amateurs from the UK as well as one of the more appealing junior opens in England with a great history for the 36 hole event.

The overall layout of the old course is great, it weaves in and amongst the neighbouring Wandlebury course and is has been in great condition the few times I have played.

Although the second brings back bad memories for me, it's a great hole driving over the edge of a quarry and the elevated tee on the 12th giving you a great look at what you're about to battle with, especially if that head wind is up. The following par 3 is a fantastic test at around 200 yards also.

The overall reception I have had there over the multiple junior opens and a club fitting from the guys who came over from Titleist was brilliant. The food is great and they have a lovely roomy clubhouse and locker room which makes you feel that you are somewhere special.

The practice facilities at Gog Magog are great, a grass range you hit range balls off, a great big putting green outside the clubhouse in between the two first tee's for both courses along with a quality chipping green situated just the other side of the car park.

Although there isn't much other quality in this county, it's still well worth a visit. I can't help but feel harsh for giving it a 4 ball review. Its ever so close to the 5 but with the quality I have reviewed and given 5 to, it's where I believe it belongs (for now!)

Date: January 06, 2019

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