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As part of the RTJ Golf Trail of this course is open with gentle mounds, many water areas and tall grassy areas. There is a reason they call this the Lake Course. On seven holes Lake Saugahatchee comes into play. Other parts of the course are tree lined with fairways that look smaller from the fairway than they actually are. Fairway bunkers are set to be a nuisance on most holes designed to specifically narrow the available landing area and penalty areas are occasionally not visible from the teeing area. Check yardages to landing area as they can be quite deceiving. Yardage books from the Pro Shop are truly helpful and reliable to help guide you through the day.This is not a course that demands or rewards driver on every tee. Some greens jut into the water provide pleasant scenery while providing exciting approach shot opportunities. Greens are large, gently rolling and usually multi-tiered.

Date: August 06, 2020

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