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Green Spring is the one municipal course of the city of Washington. It is a course best known for two holes, and for good reason, but it's a decent course overall. And the cheaper than the median rates for the area ensure that you won't break your bank playing it, especially if playing at twilight.

The front 9 is the more famous of the two, but that is exclusively because of its signature holes. Make no mistake, they are stunning and make the course worth playing by themselves. But it's otherwise rather basic and flat without too much going for it.

The back 9 is a more well rounded 9. Between holes with constant water in play and some decent uphill and downhill holes, it can keep a player on their toes. It's just that they aren't terribly special for the region.

Notable holes:

-5th: A par 3, it is the first of the canyon holes, it can be intimidating on that alone. But with the right club choice and an accurate shot, it's not too hard. Has a drop area behind the hole for mishits.

-6th: A par 4, and the other canyon hole, it is one of the hardest par 4s in Utah. Drive as far as comfortable down the fairway cause the next shot is across the canyon, a massive 130+ carry to reach the green. A par on this hole is well earned, and a birdie warrants bragging rights.

-11th: A very water heavy par 4, hitting straight off the tee is needed to stay out of the water. Hitting over some will likely be required to reach the green. Another hole where a par is well earned.

-18th: A downhill par 5, It's not quite as exciting as the "elevated tee into a valley" holes found in Mesquite. But it's still a decently fun finish regardless.

With so many great courses in the St. George/Mesquite region, it's tough to recommend this one in particular if you're only visiting once or even twice. But for regular visitors to the area who want some unique and memorable holes to play, it's worth checking out, especially since it's comparatively cheap.

Date: June 03, 2021

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