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The architect has done an excellent job on land which is not the best golfing terrain, although there is a proliferation of dog leg left holes on the back 9, which gives a feeling of sameness. I was lucky enough to turn up without notice and get paired with a pro and it was fascinating to see first hand what a different challenge courses are when someone is consistently 290 off the tee (not much of a challenge at all really !). Gentle start which is good design feature. 2nd is strong par 4 with an interesting green complex. Not keen on the large pond at 3. Excellent par 3, , 4th with stream guarding the front. 5th strong par 4 moving to the right. Par 5, 6th is a lovely hole which also moves to the right. 7 is a wedge par 3 which gives good variation on what is a long course. The 8th and 9th holes are my least favourite and feel too “open” and immature (harsh maybe as it is a new course). 10 is an excellent short par 4, abrupt dog leg left. 11 is another dog leg left but a good hole. 12 is just a brute of a par 4. 13 is a downhill par 3 which is very scenic and allows some run onto the green. 14 and 15 are both dogleg left par 4s which are “ok” holes. 16 is a decent par 3. The 17th is an outstanding par 5 with a great approach to the green - classic Kyle Phillips, just a beautiful hole. 18 is a mega tough par 4 finish, very much a tournament finish. Tough ! Overall, a good solid golf course, which is designed for tournament play.

Date: May 04, 2017

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