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I had been extremely looking forward to playing the grove for quite some time as i had only heard good things about it. However i was slightly dissapointed with how it turned out to be. When i first got there, the course looked really good however it wasn’t as good as i thought. Although the tee boxes were some of the best i’ve ever played off the course in general was very average and i think this is down to it being a new golf course. The land really does not suit a golf course as i found a lot of very bland holes and none of them stood out at all. In addition to that i thought the fairways weren’t the best as they were left to grow a bit more than you would expect. What makes it unique is the club itself. As soon as we got there we were treated like royalty. All the staff were extremely friendly, we were given bags with our names engraved on them and filled with tees, ball markers, course guide etc. The staff even accompanied us to the range and cleaned our clubs for us making the experience extremely memorable. Although the course isn’t my favourite (mainly as i much prefer traditional older couses) it is kept in fantastic condition and has created history with the tournaments it has held. The friendly atmosphere makes it a memorable day out as well which is why i would make it 4 balls instead of 3.

Date: March 10, 2019

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