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Hertfordshire, the county with some great courses, oh and a lot of money!

Driving up to Hadley Wood you can definitely tell. The road the club is on boasts an impressive array of houses with big metal gates and posh cars. A great 'surrey style' start. Some of the houses view able on the course wouldn't be out of place in the nicest parts of Portugal.

The course itself was a bit of a let down to me. Playing in a soggy March, the fairways were actually incredible for the amount of rain they had recently had. However the layout of the course did disappoint me. It felt like a lot of the holes were lacking something. I would do well to remember most of the holes today. The par 3's were pretty good however and the greens also in good condition given the weather.

However weird it sounds, I judge a course on it's locker rooms and walking in it stunk! It's most peoples first impression on a golf course, and it's the first thing I could chalk down as a negative of the course. You expect to play London prices here and it's a lovely traditional clubhouse. But for me there are better courses in Hertfordshire that you would find lower down in the rankings which would easily contend to this for a top 100 spot. If you placed this course in the countryside somewhere, I genuinely think it would be overlooked as so many are.

Date: February 18, 2020

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