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Still remember my first round on this course many years ago: having forgotten my spikes at home, I had to negotiate the course in worn docksides on a course which was wet after a downpour....

Well, of course I played really well! Losing a bit of distance is not a huge problem here as precision and correct placement of shots is what builds a good score. It certainly helped that I played with long-time members, whose example I could follow and thus avoid some costly mistakes off the tee.

Most visitors opt for the more famous North course, which is longer and has a few iconic holes that the South course lacks. Most golfers, however, would probably enjoy the South course more, especially if you get to play with a member who can add that crucial bit of local knowledge. Otherwise, get the course planner to enjoy your round to the full!

Deserves to be much better known, probably also ranked higher, certainly if its tip-top conditioning is taken into account.

Now, should it be four or five balls? Sometimes this feels academic: it is probably five balls for someone with the game to suit this course and perhaps three for the long-driving types. Four balls would be my verdict.

Date: December 15, 2016

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