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An extremely fantastic round at an unbelievable golf course. I would say that Hankley Common is a great course and up there with the a lot of the other heathland courses around but feels a lot different as its much more open. The condition in my opinion wasn’t quite up to standard, fairways were a bit worn out and the greens had just been sanded but i’ll give the benefit of the doubt as we played there just after the English Am so the course was in recovery mode.

The first 5 holes or so are in amongst a lot more trees but after that you get into pure heathland area with barely a tree in sight. The first starts off as a tight par 4 requiring an accurate drive to make sure you’re able to play your second one from the fairway. The 2nd hole is a short par 3 playing about 130 yards with a bunker short of the green. 7 and 8 are two back to back holes which are top quality. The 7th is one of the best looking par 3s you will play with a big dip full of heather between the tee and the green. It also plays extremely tough, measuring over 190 yards with several deep bunkers around the green! The 8th is an awesome par 5 with a beautiful tee shot.

The back nine is equally great with a nice mix of open heathland and tree lined holes. The 11th is another tough but great looking par 3 which measures about 185 yards. 13 through to 16 is also a great stretch of holes. 13 is a tough par 5 with bunkers up the left of the fairway on the drive and then either side when you get towards the green. 14 is a short par 4 which plays about 330 yards and has trees to your left. The 15th is an even shorter par 4 which dog legs hard left so requires a 200 yard shot up the fairway in order to give you a clear and straight forward second shot into the green. The 16th is a beautiful uphill par 3 with heather all the way up to the green. I would say 17 and 18 are average finishing holes but the middle stages of the course is where there are the strongest and best holes.

Overall, the experience was enjoyable and the course was exceptional. Would definitely like to play there again and it is a good 5 ball course for sure.

Date: October 07, 2019

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