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Hillside might be the most strategic course on its island. The tee shot on the first hole asks only that the golfer keep the shot between the rail line on the left and the bunkers on the right. But each of the next seven drives presents a strategic challenge: play close to the trouble to get a better angle for the next shot or play wide for a more difficult one. Both par fives on the front give the player the same type of dilemma. The 15th—with its sharp dogleg left—and the 18th—with four bunkers stretched across the fairway at an angle—call for strategy as well. Once arriving at Hillside’s greens, thinks get a bit more mundane, though the nicely contoured 12th is a lovely exception.

The biggest curiosity at Hillside is found on the back of the scorecard where the “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” section includes the club’s post code. I doubt anyone suffering an emergency is likely to attend to it by mail.

Date: May 19, 2019

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