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Well my impressions of this club and course were boosted before we even arrived when the pro offered us a discount on the visitor fee as the greens had been tined and sanded a week before. If only other clubs could take a leaf out of this book, and I have to say the greens, although very slow on the sand, were still running absolutely true and better than many other clubs' greens at their best. Superb customer service.

The course itself is pretty special. The valley system that you weave your way through on the front 9 means you are always playing in isolation, one of my favourite experiences in golf, and the par 3's at 3 and 6 are particularly wonderful. 3 is a brute - there is simply no option but to hit the green! Hit left, as I did, and you go bounding down a drop of 30 odd foot. In the circumstance I wasn't that disappointed with my double bogey. 6 on the other hand is just about beauty, a pitching wedge to a green a hundred foot below.

The topography changes on the back 9 into something more akin to Walton Heath, much flatter, but still great golf. The course is manifestly fair, you see everything in front of you, and if you are hitting the ball well, then the greens will give you a chance to hole some putts. My rating would be 5 and a half balls, but it gets rounded up to 6 for being looked after so well. Very friendly members too.

Date: August 22, 2016

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