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This year marks the 20th anniversary I have been a member. So whilst my view can be somewhat biased. It is a perception of a member in my experience of this course. The reason why I have been a member for so long are the metrics I use when rating a course:

Is it an aesthetically pleasing course

Is it kept in good condition (quality of teebox's, fairways, rough, bunkers, greens)

Does it provide variety

Does it provide a challenge

What type of character is the course

To me it ticks all these boxes, a testament in a way to when I joined as a 10 year old. It has never got boring, front and back 9 could not be any more different. In modern day the only thing that you could possibly dock from this course is it's length. However, I challenge anyone to step onto these greens and find them easy (even in the winter).

It's a gem and a personification of a surrey heath land course, wherever I go to play around the world the bench mark the course is compared with is always Hindhead.

Date: September 15, 2020

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