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I played here quite a bit when it was known as River Islands, and I have only played once since the switch to Bermuda greens. This unique golf course winds its way across the French Broad River over a series of small islands. The highlight has to be the par 3 third hole. This hole negotiates the passage across the first island. The green is situated oblique to the tee line and offers little room for a bail-out. The par 5 fourth is a strong three-shot hole down the first island, and the par 5 sixth takes you to the opposite shore in Sevier County. The holes on the east side are less interesting, and par 4 tenth is downright bland. However, the finish back across the islands has some fun holes.

My overall sense is that this is a fun and frivolous course that should be enjoyed for its uniqueness. The course is situated a bit far from Knoxville and the tourist destinations in Sevier country, but it seems to be thriving at this time. I don't go here often to play, but I look forward to playing here when the occasion arises. Therefore, a state ranking in the 20-30 range is probably appropriate.

Date: June 18, 2021

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