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With the isle of purbeck it is very much a course you go to play once in order to experience the excellent views that the club has to offer and then not go back again. The course overlooks the entire city of bournemouth leaving some absolutely exceptional views, the best of course being on the 5th tee which is arguably the best it gets in terms of attractiveness of a golf hole. The tee boxes were quite rough and the fairways were not too green or well kept. The greens are also unfortunately not the best and were quite sandy and bumpy but with the location of the golf course it rules out the green keepers use of certain machinery and chemicals which is a real shame. There are some holes which are really interesting and enjoyable and then there are others that leave you a bit uninspired. The opening 4 holes are below average golf holes and it doesn't help that the condition of the place is quite shoddy.

Holes like 5, 9, 10 and 11 are all great holes with a bit of character to them and there are a few decent holes on the back nine but many are quite average. In the winter the place is a total bog and I've heard from various people that it's not even worth paying a penny to play the course between November and March. However in the summer it is an enjoyable round on a beautiful golf course that can be a tough test if you're not able to keep the ball straight.

Date: August 06, 2020

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