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I think this is my first true Mackenzie Course. Now, I think if you dropped me onto any of his courses blindfolded, I think I would be able to tell you he designed it. It is a true test of technique, confidence and strategy.

Vast swathes of green only exist to carry the ball away from the hole. You had better approach from the right angle for an easier shot. The more out of position you are the harder it becomes. He has a design language all of his own and asks you a very different question to most Jockey Club (Red) Golf Course - Photo by reviewer other designers. The greens are contrived in every regard. Too bold? Hello big drop off. too shy? Back to your feet.

Once again the flat land on which the Jockey club sits demands design. Alister did not let them down. His little Islands of magnificent elegance represent green complexes that sit starkly on the plain. Take them away and you have 3 ball course. I soooo want another go though, you cant do well first time around. It is an education on your first trip.

Subtle, brutal, eloquent, I was not sure at first but by the end I was won over. I have now had a glimpse of what the fuss about Augusta, Cypress point etc is really all about. A player must think about the game in a completely different way here. A bold near miss will be very costly but a conservative strategy might avert disaster without yielding a great score. What would you do? instagram the_bareoot_golfer Huge Thanks to Lance, Dan and Josef. Brought together ona wonderful Day by, you guessed it, Javier of Wegolfargentina. Wow. What. A. Trip!


Date: December 05, 2018

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