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This is one seriously tough golf course and it's not for the feint hearted. First of all, it's long. Secondly the rough is brutal. Thirdly the greens are slick with wicked borrows and tough to read (at least they were for me). Played here on windy day and I came away battered and bruised. The Smurfit needs time to mature into what I am sure will be a great tournament course. The land is flat and boring, but they've really worked wonders to provide a decent golf course. It's a bit too Americanised for my liking, I'd like it to feel more authentically Irish. Not really my cup of tea but I do appreciate this is one heck of a golf course. Can't believe they spent so much money on that water feature... the money would perhaps have been better spent planting some big mature trees to provide some form and definition to what should be a parkland course.

Date: August 29, 2005

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