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I played Kempferhof many years ago and did not particularly enjoy it. I do not like courses where woods are bounded by red posts and become lateral water hazards.

Having just played it again, I enjoyed it more this time although it is still a course with a lot of water hazards and due to its situation tends to be wet and players take huge escalopes of divots.

It is a good layout with lots of variety. I particularly liked the par 5s which are goood holes demading discipline and good course management. The par 3’s are varied and one straight over water will not be appreciated by high handicappers.

The greens were not in great shape with many patches and bumps. The clubhouse has been renovted and seemed to have some atmosphere which it did not ion my last visit.

Apparently there is a new owenr who intends to invest in the course and bring it up to scratch so wait and see.

David Laird

Date: June 29, 2018

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