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I'm just going to piggy-back a bit on Jeff's 2020 review since he has stolen my line about Gary Player's Cougar Point. It is "The Finest Gary Player Course" I have played, but it's more than the Haig's dismissive of "The finest of it's kind I have ever seen" coined during the 1920's when professionals toured and played regional undistinguished courses for additional income and to spread the game.

The weak sister of the Kiawah Courses for me is Osprey, banal routing and the worst of Fazio's looks hard, plays easy tricks. Not at all to be confused with the Private KIC River Course which is a whole 'mother kettle o'fish, that's a fine course. The Nicklaus course (Turtle) suffers from a contrived routing to maximize oceanfront.

The fact that this is a re-design probably helped Mr. Player, a footprint was in place. All the reviews together so far cover the bones of playing here very well. M. James has a tendency to really favor a Bomber's Paradise as he is very long and is skewed that way in his thinking.

I, however find it a pleasant diversion on which it is very easy to score and it is perfect for many level of skillsets as well as being ? "beer friendly" in that if you are at a Company Retreat and you have a scramble here, enjoy yourself, it is not bad, merely not notable. There are nice views and little stress.

Sadly I must Agee with the opinions that Player design is almost a warning sign that something weird is about to happen.

Again, FUN is very important to me and I have very much enjoyed the three times I have played this course, not surprisingly first on a junket trip! Cheers, and I do prefer this to Osprey any day, that is dead bang average where this is a tick above average and in excellent condition.

Date: May 15, 2022

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