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I first played Kingston Heath in the 70's. Then it was a tea tree infested piece of land with narrow fairways. If you missed a fairway you were in the tea trees which were impenetrable. Lost balls and broken clubs abounded. It lived on reputation alone, and that was fast fading. Then, in the late 70's. after being awarded the Australian Open, the committee unearthed the old plans, cleared the tee tree away, found s many MacKenzie bunkers no one had seen in a generation, and a masterpiece was reborn. Whilst I will always prefer Victoria, Kingston Heath is a superior championship course and is a true expression of what sandbelt golf is all about. The par three are sublime, the fours are monsters - even the short ones can rack up a six without trying - and the fives give you every chance of a 4, and yet, before you know it you are walking off the green with bogey and wondering why. The fairways are perfect, crisp and the ball begs to be hit. The greens are as good as they get, and like the best sandbelt courses, full of fast borrows and interesting pin positions, whilst the bunkers will challenge the very best. For mortals like the rest of us, centre of the green is a good result from most greenside traps. The only quibble I have is the 17th which is blind and uninteresting. If you go to Melbourne, you must play this course and Victoria. You will never want to leave.

Date: December 07, 2015

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